Essay Higher Education Cost And The Effect Of Quality And Literacy

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Higher Education Cost and the Effect of Quality and Literacy
The cost of a college education is becoming a serious national issue. With the cost of tuition and fees rapidly increasing, colleges are afraid of scaring off students. Daniel Casse and Bruno Manno, journalists from Academic Questions, examined the average price of attending a university for a bachelor’s degree. According to these journalists, “The cost of four years of tuition along with room and board at an Ivy League School may well exceed $120,000” (Casse and Manno 3). This figure does not correlate with every student attending a college, but is an average cost based on other figures that were examined. With expenses like these, many undergraduates are unable to continue with schooling, especially students from a medium to low-income family. These families are unable to get the education they wish to receive. For circumstances such as this, grants and scholarships are given to students. Although, the amount of money from these grants and scholarships are not increasing at the same rate of tuition cost. Other methods of paying for education also include getting a student loan. On account of recent studies, researchers from the Educational Longitudinal Study are suggesting that student loans may not receive increased enrollment and graduation rates like they used to (Elliot, Lewis, Weiss, and Nam 9). This is because more students are getting concerned about having a student loan debt, therefore they avoid getting…

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