Higher Education And The Public Policy Institute Of California

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The article I chose to analyze was, “Higher Education In California” by the Public Policy Institute of California. I was interested in this topic due to my current status as a student, with education playing a big part in my life right now. The education system is very important to me as a community college student looking to transfer to a 4-year University. In order to understand education 's impact we should look at this problem from a sociological standpoint, using the sociological perspective. The sociological perspective is defined as, “seeing the general in the particular” (Sociology 120 lecture notes) or in other words, using our sociological imagination, “the ability to distinguish between personal troubles and social issues” (Sociology 120 lecture notes). The article explains that there is a growing skills gap in education, and when looking at this issue using the sociological imagination, the issue is not that some students aren’t smart enough to make it to college. It lies in the fact that state education goals and access to state four years has remained stagnant. In our society, people rely on social institutions to guide them, and socially shape them. A social institution is stated as “a network of structures in society that work to socialize the groups of people within them (Sociology 120 lecture notes). There were a couple main social institutions that seem central to the education gap. The first social institution to be covered is the government. The…

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