Higher Education And Its Impact On Education Essay

1003 Words May 15th, 2015 null Page
The United States has speculated that higher education is a way to gain upward mobility. People believe that upward mobility is as promising as it sounds because it allows people to move from one socioeconomic level on to the next. Upward mobility has become important in the recent years as it helps people attain better job opportunities and to help elevate the playing field between the different socioeconomic classes that are present in America today. Nonetheless, if people want to gain the American Dream today they must have a quality education from a public school that may not even provide them with the necessary tools of success. In “Fair is Fair” and “What Ever Happened to Upward Mobility”, the authors’ argue that there are forces holding the average American from gaining a quality education. While many people want to gain a good education from schools, it has become harder for people of lower class because private corporations have privatized education. Privatization of public education is making it harder for people of low social standing to gain a quality education because not enough funding is going toward public education. Additionally, the government refuses to fund public education because they view that funding education is not a federal responsibility. Instead, the money meant for funding education goes towards the industrial prison systems throughout America. For far too long, Americans have long invested on the failing public education system as a way to…

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