High Turnover Is An Indicator Of Employee Job Dissatisfaction

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High turnover is an indicator of employee job dissatisfaction. As you mentioned, this could be attributed to employees feeling they are underpaid. Absenteeism, lower productivity, poor customer service, and boredom are all products of employee dissatisfaction (Robbins & Judge, 2009 p.87-89). One of the most significant influencers on employee satisfaction is manager-employee communication. Employees at high levels of satisfaction can be beneficial to the success of the organization (Fischer, 2009). You stated your dissatisfaction could be attributed to boredom. In my professional experience, when an employee is bored the job is not challenging any more. Did you feel your job did not challenge you enough? Most employees want to have jobs that are engaging and challenging. This could be attributed to a change in upper management, policy, or lack of positive reinforcement.
Employees need some form of reward or recognition to reinforce positive behaviors and staying engaged in the workplace. Unfortunately, in many workplaces any type of reward or recognition is rarely if ever given. As Christians, we are rewarded for what we do as Romans 2:6 states, “God will repay each person according to what they have done” (New International Version). As leaders, we can do many things to keep our employees satisfied and motivated such as clearly explain your vision for the organization, increase the flow of communication, make the feel valued, and give them the tools they…

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