Essay High Stakes Testing With Creative Projects

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Imagine a generation where creativity disappeared from the minds of the young, where new ideas are nearly erased from existence, where a spirited generation full of brilliant colors is dulled to a dreary black and white. Sadly, that is this generation. Furthermore, the school systems are beginning to strip away any creativity and love of learning that students may have. Now students regurgitate material at hand and do not engage in the deeper part of thinking. From personal experience, many peers can explain in depth the reality of the boredom for academics in the school system. Most students who use to love attending school now dread the first bell in the morning; in fact, many teachers feel the same. Now is the time to put creativity back into the school systems. Replacing high-stakes testing with creative projects would benefit not only the students, but also the teachers. Student grades will increase, the student dropout rate will dwindle, and students will learn to love again one of the most important things in life: knowledge. Student grades will increase if there is more creativity in the classroom. Creativity is the foundation of leadership; it allows students to solve problems for themselves and come up with innovative solutions. If students were given the option to take a test or to make a blog over the knowledge they gained while reviewing a chapter, most would choose the blog. Why? It allows students to use the knowledge they gained, research and recap the…

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