High Stakes Testing And Students With Disabilities Essay examples

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In the article, “High-Stakes Testing and Students with Disabilities,” Antonis Katsiyannis, Dalun Zhan, Joseph B. Ryan, and Julie Jones explore “literature, legislation, and court decisions” focusing on performance testing and its effects on those with special needs (160). The article explains that states must mandate standards and exams in the main subject areas of science, reading, and math (Katsiyannis et al. 160). The government then sets performance goals, based on the level of student success on these state mandated exams (Katsiyannis et al. 160). If a district fails to attain the set government expectations, then there are consequences (Katsiyannis et al. 160). The article also addresses how and why a district would include students with special needs in these state mandated exams, if these students typically score lower on these tests and, ultimately, leave the district at risk of being penalized for not reaching their government-set goals (Katsiyannis et al. 160-161). Each of these larger points emphasize the main purpose of the article, to educate the reader on assessments, as they relate to students with special needs. Although this article is very informative and addresses the implied purpose, it falls short, as the article relies heavily on out of date legislation, opinion-skewed augments, and an assumed knowledge of legislation associated with education.
This article was written in 2007, although this date is not far removed from 2016, much of the legislation…

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