High Stakes Test Taking Should Be Removed From Schools Essay

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Claim: I think high stakes test taking should be removed from schools. It does not offer a real assessment of a student’s knowledge or a teacher’s ability, it causes negative effects inside the classroom, and it holds students back from achievements they have earned.

Evidence: These tests are unfair, and have serious consequences for students, in and outside of the classroom. These tests are:
• “Disadvantaging some groups of students over others, particularly in relation to ethnicity, disability, income, and language” (Pg 197). As we discussed in Education 2120 these test place unrealistic goals on students who are not given the same advantages, quality teachers, and supplies as their counterparts. “Test results don’t take into account non-school factors that affect learning, such as poverty, hunger, student mobility, lack of medical care, safety, community resources, parents’ education” (Dangerous),
• “Increasing the likelihood that teachers will teach to the test” (Pg 197), leaving students with less of an education than they deserve.
• “Defining curriculum solely by what is covered on the test” (Pg 197), limiting students’ knowledge or other important subjects.
• “Providing an incomplete and inaccurate picture of what an individual student knows and can do” (Pg 197). Determining a students’ competency and essentially their future from one day is absurd.
• “Increasing teachers’ control over the learning experience to the expense of the students’ own directed learning”…

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