High Schools Vs. Schools Essay

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The world, from its most basic structure hundreds of years ago, to its most sophisticated shape nowadays, has been the experiment of profuse reactions and transformations, basically due to technological progression and educational evolution. In Lebanon, schools and colleges used to be everything but buildings and establishments: in small villages, children grouped together under shading trees and listened to the wisest man in the village lecturing about life concerns, whom they entitled “professor”, far before this term was attributed to describe an educated person filling the job. With European colonization and technological advancement brought to Lebanon during the first and second world wars, the educational system was drastically enhanced to satisfy the worldwide standards of education. High schools and colleges before and now individually have resemblances and variances; however, although schools might share other similarities with colleges on fundamental and disciplinary levels, both institutions show evident differences in freedom, responsibility and timing effects on the students.
On the first hand, schools differ from colleges by the freedom of choices colleges give students concerning their education. In schools, all students are treated equally, regardless of each one’s needs and desires. Everyone is obliged to study subjects that may or may not be of the interest of the majority; the same major courses and electives are imposed on everybody. Clearly,…

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