High Schools Should Not High School Essay

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For a while now there has been a national debate over whether or not high schools should require their students to participate in community service in order to graduate. Now, there are some obvious reasons against this idea, the idea that you can’t force people to work without the sway of the law. Under the United States Constitution it’s illegal to force anyone to perform servitude to you without pay, unless court ordered. Because of this right it seems that requiring students to perform community service in order to graduate might not be good. On the other hand of this debate is the idea that not only should high schools require students to be involved in community service, but that it’s a good idea to do so. I see no problems with having students go around their communities and volunteering their time in order to help people. Those same students could be going around do much worse things than helping at a soup kitchen or something. Not only do I believe that having students perform community service in order to graduate is a good idea, but I also have an idea of the types of services I would commit. Currently at my high school community service isn’t required unless you’re a part of Key Club, but this doesn’t stop many people from helping others. For instance I would bet that when compared to number of students our high school has the best participation rate in activities per capita than any other school in Wyoming. We have more students involved in activities that…

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