High Schools Should Not Eliminate Class Rankings Essay

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“A noble man compares and estimates himself by an idea which is higher than himself; and a mean man, by one lower than himself ” (Richards). In this quote, Marcus Aurelius says that a wise man will become successful by setting a goal and trying to achieve it. A foolish man will try to become successful by comparing himself to others and ultimately failing. In order to be successful at anything, one must set very high standards and work diligently to achieve those standards. Class ranking is a way for students to set a goal and achieve it. Rankings give students an idea of what goals they need to set in order to be at the top of their class. When students establish a goal, they work hard to achieve it and become triumphant. High schools should not eliminate class rankings because it encourages competition, motivates students to do better in school, and aids in getting good scholarships and admissions into colleges. Class rank is a measure of how a student’s performance compares to others in his or her class. Class rankings are computed using a weighted GPA, so all higher level classes are taken into consideration and are used to calculate rank. By examining the rank, colleges have an idea of how challenging a student’s classes were. In addition to giving colleges an idea of how successful a student was academically in high school, rank is also used to differentiate a student from one school to another at other schools as stated in the quote, “ Grades alone are not often…

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