High School 's Protocol For Treatment Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

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At the present time, treatment of concussions and traumatic brain injuries in sports are a hot topic. However this was not always the case. Years ago, fewer than 50% of High Schools had certified athletic trainers and there was no concussion protocol to follow which then lead to the deaths of kids like Jaquan Waller, and Nathan Stiles (CNN, 2012). Since then there has been the creation of concussion protocols in which many people question if high school students should really be required to follow the school’s protocol for treatment of traumatic brain injuries. One question that arises from the topic of protocol is, Should athletes be able to play their sport again after suffering a concussion? The question comes from the fact that Dr. Ann McKee, has found that repetitive blows to the head is degenerative to the brain and causes dementia/Alzheimer’s like symptoms in the brains of young people(CNN,2012). A second question surrounding concussion protocol is, should every school sports program in the nation follow the exact same protocol without variation? The video laid out how the Pitt County school system concussion protocol calls for certified athletic trainers, doctor visits, concussion tests, cognitive computer tests and gradual recertification into sports after a concussion but it did not clarify if every school has that same protocol. (CNN, 2012). Requiring students to follow the concussion protocol has many benefits. Firstly, requiring high school students…

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