High School Will Be The Best Years Of My Life Essay

1961 Words Sep 20th, 2016 8 Pages
People have always said that high school will be the best years of my life. There are some things that happened to me during high school that I would not change for anything in the universe, such as meeting my best friend Henry for the first time in person. There are also a lot of things that happened during the past four years that I would give almost anything to change, such as who I chose to hang out with because they turned out to be different from who they portrayed to be. Due to having a bad memory, high school is most of my life that I can remember. I have really learned a lot, and I think that is what has changed me from who I was as a freshman to who I am now. Throughout high school I have learned about myself in more ways than I expected while entering my freshman year.
It did not take me long to make friends. A few people I knew from middle school went to the Saint Wendelin with me. We had the same friend group and most of them were good friends (Word count-37). A friend of mine, Jessica, had played football that year for her second year. I had wanted to play football since 8th grade, but I thought because I am a girl that I was not allowed to play. I was raised on watching football at my dad’s house. Seeing her play on the team inspired me and I knew that the next year I was going to play football. Jessica and I quickly became friends. I also became friends with a girl named Sarah. Sarah was rebellious and that intrigued me. Sarah showed me music like Black Veil…

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