Essay on High School Vs. College

1116 Words Nov 16th, 2014 null Page
When your walking across the stage to receive your diploma in hand you have no idea of what college is all about. Of course you have heard many of your older friends who have previously graduated state that " college is harder than you think" or even " I love college you have so much freedom". It 's always two sides of a storyline but between high school and college there is a definite fine line between the two. In high school your life is basically planned out from the starting bell to the end of the day bell. Teachers will make sure you having a passing grade and will do all they can to help you get there even to the point of extra credit in high school. Within college your grades are your responsibility to maintain along with time management of keep your grades solid. The difference is huge between the two as you will come to find out . As stated previously in college your responsibility rate goes up significantly higher level when leaving high school. In college you will now have to balance your responsibilities and set priorities within your new lifestyle of a college student. You will face chaste and conscientious decisions than you have ever came to terms with before. In correlation to decisions you now have to decipher between which classes to take with your advisor or in some schools on your own as to in high school your schedule is prepared for you on your schools open house event or on the first day of school. Also with your schedule in highschool you spend…

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