Essay about High School Vs. College

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When people think of college they just think of it as another 4 years, or more, of high school. They believe that you learn the same way and all the things you did in high school are now appropriate in college. Others even believe that college is so much like high school that they don 't even want to go, out of the fear of it being so similar. High school is filled with many enjoyable things like; sporting events, dances, pep rallies, assemblies and of course friends. You may be having or had good memories in high school. You may even just remember all the bad things that happened in high school. College may be another thing that you made memories in, or you are awaiting the experience. Either way I am sure that you have never really analyzed the what made you really like high school versus college or vice versa. If you were to ask 20 high school and college grad students you find out that some would say that high school and college are alike and others students would say that they are extremely different. In regards to what I have said, high school and college may seem very similar, but if fact, they are actually surprisingly different in ways including work load, responsibilities, and independence.
The first comparison from high school to college is the work load. I went to Pine Island High School which is a very small school, so there is only about 400 people in the whole high school. Here at RCTC there are a lot more students and I was astonished at how the…

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