Essay on High School Vs. College Students

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Walking onto the college campus on the first day of college, as a college student, not a Dual Enrollment student, I never expected to meet so many new people, nor have the amazing professors I have. Not only that, the rigorousness of the courses was very high, which was to be expected. Compared to high school, college is different in a few ways; some of the differences are very apparent, such as with the social life of students, the academic rigor of classes, and the students’ relationships with teachers. One of the first differences between high school and college is the social life of students; there are plenty of opportunities as a college student to make new friends and be social, more so than high school. In college, there is, depending on how a student schedules their classes, sometimes a few to several hours between classes. In that time a student has between classes, they can venture to the student lounge or the cafeteria. There they can meet new people as students often hang around those two places. Student clubs are another good way to meet new people, especially those that have similar interests. Some colleges even have a club fair where clubs have the opportunity to present and show off their club to hundreds of students, which is a perfect way for students to meet new people. At my college, there’s an event in the fall and spring semester called Club Rush, where in the cafeteria they set up around 20 tables, if not more, for the clubs to recruit students. It’s…

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