High School Themes In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The theme our group is portraying in our performance is the typical high school couple (quarterback/ Hamlet with the head cheerleader/ Ophelia) with a typical break up and the female has two protective brothers (Polonius and King Claudius).

In this particular scene Hamlet is portraying that he is not all that interested in Ophelia which can be interpreted as an act he is trying to pull, so that Claudius does not think he has any idea that he really killed the original king, Hamlet’s father. Hamlet wants Claudius to think that he is just crazy and that he is breaking off his fling with Ophelia because he is going crazy. In our particular theme, in high school the typical jock cares what his friends think about their love interests and Hamlet being portrayed as a high school quarterback is leaving Ophelia because he cares what Claudius think of his relationship. Our group choice the high school theme because typically one would see a break up that is so obtuse as this one in high school.
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Hamlet and Ophelia meetup in the hallway and an argument breaks out because Hamlet wants to break up with her. Polonius and the King Claudius are listening in on the conversation to hear how Hamlet acts toward Ophelia because they as her “older brothers” do not think Hamlet is good for her and want them to break up. Once Hamlet and Ophelia break up and Hamlet leaves her standing in the hallway to tend to her own thoughts, the “older brothers” come in to kind of tell Ophelia they were right and Hamlet is no

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