High School, The Best And Strict School Essay

1108 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
Two years ago, when I was in high school. My seat in in the rear of the classroom. It was far away from the blackboard but I still listened to teacher carefully every day and one of the reasons was that students around me didn’t want to talk with me. Yes, I didn’t know whether they didn’t like me or they loved study very much: no matter during the class or after the class, when I talked to them, they all didn’t care me but focused on their study. I had no idea but can only studied. I regretted to come to Hengshui High School, the best and the strict school in China. Everyone there only focused on study and used every second to study. Actually, I was a naughty boy and I went there because of my father but I didn’t have much idea about choosing which high school. As a result, I listened my father’s recommend and went there, a studying-machine school, and sited at that chair. One day, when I was listening to teacher in the class, a girl came in. Finding her large-framed glasses on the nose made determine that she was a “good student” which mean that she was those people, those people unlike me--I didn’t like those people, those cold-blooded people. “This is a new transfer student from other school, and let her sit on the right of Chen Li” teacher set up her seat hastily and continued his class. She sited besides Chen Li, the place right in front of me. “I don’t even know her name!” I blamed the teacher. “Sorry, excuse me,” the sound from the new student, “Can I get there?”…

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