High School Students : The Same Level Of Anxiety As A Psychiatric Patient

1854 Words Apr 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Studies have shown that the average teenager today has the same level of anxiety as a psychiatric patient in the 1950s. In the last sixty years, adversities felt by teenagers have been amplified. They are faced with greater pressure to excel in high school while dealing with more distractions, such as social obligations and constant, more accessible media. Because of this they are repeatedly forced to compromise certain wants and needs for others, in order to maintain whatever academic, social, and personal standards they and society, set them to. These responsibilities can be dangerous to a teen’s health . As a result of afflictions such as stress, insufficient nutrition standards, and underdeveloped time management skills, teen 's social, mental, and emotional health is impaired during high school years. Stress is a very common problem experienced by nearly all high school students, especially those in higher level classes, who participate in extracurriculars, and hold jobs. These time consuming activities are necessary for students to excel in high school and be admitted to the college of their choice. One student, when interviewed, said that she felt very stressed during the school year. She attributed this to her heavy school workload, part-time job, participation in sports, and the many clubs in which she is involved. This stress keeps her up at night, both from finishing school work and from the psychological effects of stress. It also negatively affects her…

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