High school students should wear school uniforms Essay

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“ The Dog Who Wanted to Die” Reading Questions Please answer the questions and submit them to your teacher. 1. Who were the worst renters yet? A. The worst renters are Clapham’s . 2. How might Mr. Clapham react if children were playing road hockey in front of his driveway? How do you know? A. He would complain because they are making too much noise and cars driving fast pets running around. Because he doesn’t like anybody in the hood and he just complain about everything. 3. According

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What would David say if someone wanted to speak to his mother on a Monday or Wednesday night?

A. She not home busy with work.

11. What did Monty do when a robber broke into David’s house?

A. He start parking at the large man and the man ran away.

12. How old is Monty?

A. He was four years old.

13. What are some of the foods that Monty eats on his new diet?

A. Oil and rationed kibble and meat he also got hard biscuits to clean his teeth beefhide stripes and raw rounded soup bones.

14. How does Monty help David reconnect with his Father?

A. Monty helped him by saving his life from getting killed by the man who broken into the house.

15. Every year hundreds of animals are abused. Using your own ideas and the story’s details, describe what you could do to help a neglected dog. Your response should be approximately 4-5 sentences.

A. Millions of animals die each year from abuse. Some people just don't think that pets are important and abuse them for no reason. However what I would do is take the neglected dog and take care on him and after try to take it to any  ASPCA locally so they can see what to do with him . At the same time i think people shouldn’t buy a dog if they can’t handle it. And if the ASPCA cant hendle it i would keep the dog and feed him and try to give him to someone who wants to have him. Also some people don’t think that animals are soul too so we have to tread them like human no hut them whats the reason of having them
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