High School Students and Their Allowance Management Essay

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Money is involved in many things and situations around the world; every person had experienced, even once, to see and to hold money, so it’s indeed a big part of everyone’s life. It can be in the form of metal coin or piece of paper, but people value this thing to sustain their everyday needs like food, water, and clothes. One can’t just go to the market to buy foods if he/she doesn’t have money right? It can also provide things for people’s satisfaction like gadgets, appliances and accessories. There’s an idiom in which it stated that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, meaning a person should be careful of how much money he spends because there is only a limited amount. However, there are ways on how earn it.
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They usually get P150 to P250 (excluding transport allowance) per day. The allowance covers P50 to P100 for lunch, P30 to P50 for merienda, P20 on average for photocopies, and P50 to P80 for school requirements like printing, buying pens, etc. It also included that students outside Manila, especially those living in municipalities usually get about P100 to P150 per day. But still, it’s the parent’s decision if how much cash they will give to their children as long as it fits the family’s budget and the amount was suitable for a teen to handle. Also, they can decide on how often their children should receive allowance; it can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Giving allowance is not just for a teen’s financial assistance. It can also help them to learn the necessary things when it comes to money management. ‘Give 'em an Allowance!’ an article by David McCurrach stated that, “Remember, the purpose of an allowance is to give your children the opportunity to learn how to manage money through their own successes and failures and the input of their parents.” This means that if parents let their children to have allowance and give them permission to spend it, they will encounter different situations involving money. Admit it or not, the little ones can sometimes commit mistakes and wrong decisions but

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