High School Sports Teams Of Two School Sport Teams Essay

2003 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
With gym class seeming pointless to many it leads many to want to skip it entirely. (cite) Which my schools and many others offer to students who are part of two school sport teams. These influenced students to think physical education was more for getting people to do physical activity and doesn’t show the why and how to build healthy fitness habits. Many students on the sports teams in school didn’t want to play games in class seeing how student participation wasn’t always guaranteed. This would be because my teacher wouldn’t motivate us to try our best and wouldn’t help us with our mistakes. (cite) This would lead to many students to playing the game wrong or being bad at the games which would turn of many from physical activity all together. No one likes being bad at something and no one wants to be seen being bad at a sport in front of others. Therefore, would rather give no effort and have an excuse on why they did poorly instead of having a chance of trying their best and giving maximum effort. The food I ate school matched the food I’d eat out of school. I didn’t see the purpose of eating healthy because I wasn’t fully informed on the health risks of poor nutrition. I’d eat tons and tons of junk food outside of school to make up for eating the few unhealthy options in ala carte. Being how the schools lunch wasn’t that tasty. I’d go to ale carte and buy the cheap chips and fries almost every day. It wasn’t the most filling but it was cheap and I knew I’d eat plenty…

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