High School Sports Make Student Athletes Essay

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High school sports make student-athletes strive for better success in their education. Sure some Schools have a minimum G.P.A requirement of 2.0, and to get that all your classes have to be “C” or better. Well, that’s better than letting them have a 1.0 and letting them play. It makes them have something worth studying for, For example, my friend Bryan Garcia does not like school or work, but he is always looking for ways to make his grades better so that he may play with the John F. Kennedy soccer team. Also, not all the states in the United States of America have a G.P.A requirement to play in a sports activity, twelve out of the fifty states in the USA require a G.P.A to play."A High School Athlete 's GPA Vs. Average High School Student 's GPA." Everyday Life. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2016.”Sports participation is associated with higher GPAs, lower dropout rates, and stronger commitments to school compared to the average,non-athlete high school student”. Student-athletes have a greater chance of graduating with a 3.0 or more. They are more likely to succeed later in life. Also, sports can make students have more; leadership skills, teamwork, and cooperation etc. Although some may say that sports actually don 't help students with their education, because it can bother them for example, when they come back from a game they can be tired and they might have work to do and they so tired all they wanna do is take a shower and eat and go to bed. Also, it can make them have less…

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