High School Sports : A Huge Aspect Of The Community Essay

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In every high school, sports hold extremely high value within the community and are a huge aspect to the students. Every year the number of students involved in high school sports increases and has yet to stop growing. Per the annual High School Athletics Participation Survey by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the number of students involved in sports has grown immensely and currently shows that over 55.5% of all students participate in sports in some way during their high school career. All together being about 7.6 million students (Koebler, US News). While these numbers are impressive, many students also participate in clubs, academic groups, and social sports. Most commonly they are involved in both during their high school career . While nearly an equal number of students are involved in academic organizations as they are in sports, it seems at times that the schools put more of an emphasis on the achievements of physical activities as compared to academic achievements. The easiest way to see this connection is by looking at the funding given to sports as compared to that given towards academics. Allen, Texas: the perfect example of the amount of money being put into high school sports. In the summer of 2012, a high school in Allen, Texas constructed and opened a $60 million football stadium. “How were they able to build such an expensive stadium?” one may ask, because the people of Allen, in a local referendum, felt it to be a…

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