High School Should Not Be An Educational Leader Essay

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Over the course of the semester I have been very fortunate for all the opportunities that our administration has given me to grow as an educational leader. Throughout this semester I have assisted with scheduling, developed schedules for in school remediation for both students and teachers, led faculty meetings, been placed in charge of the afterschool remediation program, dealt with student issues ranging from bullying to skipping school to tobacco. All of these experiences have helped to prepare me for life after graduate school.
I have learned so much this year when it comes to scheduling. One of our issues at Fort Chiswell High School is the lack of teachers, which leads to overcrowding in some classes and small groups in other classes. I have found that making schedules based off of a minimum number of students in the classroom and based off of the cost per student is a very practical practice. However, I do not think that it makes for the best practice for our students. I would love to see FCHS get at least two to three more teachers for next year to assist in the number of students in classrooms. We have to share teachers with other schools in the county, which isn’t an uncommon practice but it limits the flexibility that scheduling can offer when you have to lock in on subject at one time.
When I was placed in charge of the in school remediation program I had to develop in school schedules for students to work with teachers in subjects that they needed to…

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