High School Should Be A Higher Education Essay

1615 Words Feb 25th, 2016 7 Pages
Every year thousands of high school seniors apply to colleges, hoping to get a higher education and a diploma so they are able to find a good job in the future. But what they don’t know when they apply is the cost of colleges and how much loans they would be taking out in order to pay off that tuition. And it only gets worse each year because tuition keep increasing while students are swimming in the debt of their student loans. In recent years, the University of California board announced their plan for a five percent hike in tuition by 2019, which means there would be an increase from 12 thousand dollars to 15 thousand dollars in tuition for students (Fain). While there are students who paid full tuition by their parents; there are some other students who was given financial aid according to their parents’ income. The other huge amount of students are taking out loans in order to pay for their school tuition and the tuition increase doesn’t help their situation.
But what is the cause of the tuition increase? The University of California board claims they need the money to improve the academic advising, enroll more students (UC office of the president). There are speculation that tuition discounting or financial aid might be the cause of tuition increasing, because it disrupts the school’s revenue (Gianneschi, Pingel). The other reason might be that states are not providing enough funds for these colleges, and tuition need to be increased in order for the college to keep…

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