High School Marine Corps Jrotc Program Essay

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In my four years, I have accomplished many things being in Horn Lake High School Marine Corps JROTC program. They have shown and taught me things that I can take further on in life with the camps and leadership. I have seen first hand what it’s like to be a United States Marine in boot camp. I’ve also meet the CEO/founder of FedEx. JROTC has opened me up to amazing opportunities. None of this would have happen if I never joined the program.
Chief Warrant Officer Tyrone Hall and Master Sargent Hicks where the most motivated instructors I could ask for. We raised money fundraising to go on a week trips to Hawaii, New York, Orlando Florida and many more with the cost of nothing over $400. Out of all the fun we had they mostly taught us how to be young disciplined adults after high school. We learned how to be respectful to others and to give a helping hand. We have done clean ups around town and participated in the St. Jude Marathon that takes place every year.
When joining the program I thought it was just for men and girls couldn’t do this. Senior girls started to tell their stories about how they got promotes and was over people challenging themselves to either push themselves in PT, or being in charge of an event. During my freshman year I wasn’t as shy as the other girls. When they needed people to help in candy sales or color guards I would always raise my hand to take part. I wanted to stand out from the other students and show them that I wanted to be a leader.
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