High School Is The Best Experience For Me Essay

996 Words Dec 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Ever since I was a young boy, my passion for sports grew more and more throughout the years of going to public schooling. Coming from Jordan every body was obsessed with the sport soccer, so that rubbed off on me. I grew up loving the sport, playing everyday with my friends at recess. As I grew up, I moved to the US at the beginning of High School. It was a great experience for me being able to try new sports. Through out High School I was on the varsity football, track, and wrestling team. Wrestling was defiantly the best experience for me. although I was capable of competing physically on varsity, my life long flaw was not being experienced well enough to win big titles. I wasn’t great at clinching that title, even though our team effort always put us on that winning streak. By Not reaching my physical goal, I finished High School without being a state ranked wrestler. I want to become a healthier, well rounded athlete because it has always been a personal goal to me, and because I enjoy anything that is involved sports. This will allow me to have something to look back at and will give me the confidence of being a healthy individual.

Coach Chet Morjaria wrote an article on steps to make you a better athlete. In this article it mainly emphasizes that weight training or any physical training comes with being engaged mentally, have deep purpose in the act, and remain humble. These characteristics all make up an athlete’s mentality. In the article Coach mentions “The more…

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