Essay about High School Is An Entirely Different Experience Than College

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It’s true when they say that high school is an entirely different experience than college. Located in the center of Westchester is the private high school in which I attended, Saint Brendan. Compared to the other high schools in Miami you can say that Saint Brendan was fairly small, holding only about 1000 some students. High school was a crazy journey full of ups and downs. One of the best things that happened to me throughout throughout the four years was having met my best friend Amanda. After four years of seeing each other every day unfortunately we went on to attend different colleges. Luckily, Amanda is currently going to Miami Dade College so we still are able to see each other plenty of times a week. Unlike when we were in highs school we now have different schedules, classes, and friends. We both have made different friends at school. In chapter seven of The Prince of Los Cocuyos Richard Blanco talks about his relationship with his “cuban cousin” Ariel Jimenez. At first Richard Blanco doesn 't really enjoy having Ariel around because when Ariel is present the spotlight is all on him. Like many friends have to do when you begin college you must adapt to the fact that you 're best friend is going to make other friends. In the beginning of chapter seven we are introduced to Ariel. Through the way that Richard talks about Ariel we get the vibe that he doesn 't really like Ariel for the reason that they are so different. We then learn that Richard is just jealous of…

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