Essay about High School Is An Awfully Awkward Time For Most Teenagers

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High school can be an awfully awkward time for most teenagers. This can be an even tougher transition for a lot of young women especially. They have so many changes going on at once that it can be hard to keep them all straight. Trying to remember whether seventh period class is in D hall or C hall, or was there a history paper due or was it a Spanish project, or will they be ask to the dance, wondering why your God gave them the biggest zit in the middle of their forehead the day before pictures, and why oh why does Brittany have on the same outfit as them, and what is the meaning of life, anyway. Imagine going through all of this, being fifteen years old, and pregnant, this is what happened to my friend Venessa. Venessa was a year older than me, she lived a block away, and we shared many mutual friends. Venessa worked hard to hide her pregnancy, but once word got out the majority of our friends was no longer allowed to associate “with that kind of girl”, as if pregnancy was contagious. Despite how Venessa’s circumstance seemed to affect those around her, she and I remained friends though her pregnancy and beyond. The pictured captured of us was taken on the day Venessa and her Son, Davaree, officially became part of my family. (Thesis) At first glance, the viewer can clearly see two young girls and a baby in the picture, but what is not seen, are the connection that three people captured would form.
This is a picture of us was taken twenty years ago, and at the time we…

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