High School Is A Rollercoaster For Most Students Essay example

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High school is a rollercoaster for most students. In the midst of trying to balance classes and extra-curricular activities, students are trying to find ourselves and where they belong. By the time senior year comes around most students have already been longing for the day they finally walk across the stage and leave their high school experience behind. Unfortunately, many students who walk off that graduation stage are not walking toward a future in higher learning. The gap between high school graduates and college freshmen has always been an alarming issue. Unfortunately, many of those who actually make it into college only come to encounter an environment they were ill prepared for. In order to address these issues, legislators passed the No Child Left Behind Act passed in 2002. However, after years of enforcing the requirements and acts of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), there is not much noticeable difference within high school and college statistics. Decades of allowing states to develop their own standardized tests and offering tutoring programs only after schools are already considered incapable of achieving Adequate Yearly Progress has not made a dent on the enrollment rates of students who recently graduated high school. This leaves the question: was the No Child Left Behind Act successful? If the goal of secondary schooling is to prepare students to preform and succeed in institutions of higher learning, how can we reach this achieve that?
In 2002, Congress passed…

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