Essay on High School Is A Curious Place

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High school is a curious place, from what I 've learned these past two years. I 've done some things that I 'm rather proud of. I 've made mistakes. I learned more than I could have imagined. Yet, somehow I 'm still unsatisfied. Teenage boys are a species of their own. Normally, I 'd prefer to not talk about them. I find the majority to be especially ignorant, rude, unaware, stupid, and horny. Sometimes you think you 've found one that defies the odds, however you eventually discover the foolish jerk they actually are. Grant Warner, perhaps a species of his own. So far, in the past seven months that I 've known him, he seems to be possibly the only person I could ever have a for real thing with. He 's smart, witty, attractive, a Christian, nice, and he includes me in conversation sometimes even when I just want to be left alone, but I end up liking it anyways. I smile more in that class, Introduction to Health Science, than I do during the rest of the day, not including lunch, which is spent with my best friend in the entire world, Ilah LaMountain. But that’s still impressive, to be fair. I push myself in that class because we made up this pretend club called The A Team and I would seriously hate to be ejected from it, even though I doubt he would do that to me. The thing about The A Team, though, is that it isn 't much of a team at all, really. I suppose it 's more of a partnership, as Grant and I are the only members. Which is kind of like we 're like kind of like a…

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