High School Initiatives Coordinator On Your Vidalia Campus Essay

709 Words Apr 27th, 2016 3 Pages
I was delighted to see the job posting on your Employment webpage for the position of a High School Initiatives Coordinator on your Vidalia campus. I feel that I meet if not exceed the qualifications for the position.

Your posting description notes that the candidate shall be responsible for managing, planning, implementing, and evaluating High School Initiatives and associated programs, policies, and procedures. I have been teaching senior English primarily for the last four years and began teaching at the high school level in 1995. At Metter High School, I adapted a capstone project to tie in with the British literature curriculum. The students are on their own quest to find their career and/or college and prepare documents to apply for these. The joy I gain from my profession comes from the students who are at the self-realization phase in their lives--the place where they discover they have an opinion and a purpose and are ready to communicate on a more complex level. To me, no matter one’s age, that is the freshman and sophomore-level student. My expertise with the capstone project, using technology in the classroom, and teaching literature are my qualifications for this position.

Another requirement is a successful candidate will provide leadership and technical assistance to the secondary schools, technical colleges, employers, and community partners to expand technical education. As for leadership skills, I am keen to understand and, thus, self-motivated…

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