High School Has Prepared Me For College Essay

1139 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
High School has prepared me for college and the next few steps in my life in many ways. For example, english, without english we wouldn 't be able to pass our exams such as the ACT and other required materials that are required when entering college. English is what helps us read and correct grammatical errors in our writings and as well as to use the proper wording in sentences such as your and you’re. English is one of the main essentials to having any job, without it you wouldn’t be able to understand the other person, take an order, write emails, and know how to correctly spell things. Another essential class that we took in highschool would be math, without math we wouldn’t be able to add or subtract, count money, give a tip, how to do measurements and what dosages to give. We need math in daily life for baking and simply driving to work which requires knowledge of miles you’re driving and how long it will take to get to work, whether you are getting paid the correct amount per hour/ year. Without these skills we wouldn 't be able to do simple tasks. Next, science, without science we wouldn’t know much about the weather, stars, plants. Also you learn about cells and how the human body works, what kind of bones we have, how many bones we have, the kinds of muscles we have, how to perform surgery. Depending on the career you will be going into, science may be required for that type of profession. Without government we wouldn’t know how to vote or simply just know how…

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