High School Football It 's A Major Form Of Entertainment Essay

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When it comes to high school football it’s a major form of entertainment. Showing how young teenage athletes interact with one another making a game play be a success. It involves students getting into the school spirit by using paint to represent school colors, throwing glitter, and/use a bullhorn when there’s a touchdown. The parents of the players are always in the front row so they can get a snapshot of their kid putting in work on the field and show parental support. Behind all the fun and support high school football gets at a home game, it’s actually an intense full contact sport that puts players at risk to high-end injuries and needs to be banned due to it being such a dangerous sport. A helmet-to-helmet collision is when two players make head-to-head contact with a high amount of force. There are a number of helmet-to-helmet collisions resulting in head injuries that results in having a concussion that leads to brain damage, cognitive impairment, or even death.
As of the Researchers at the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury, experts found that players who suffered with three or more concussions are more likely to have mild cognitive impairment. Helmet-to-helmet collusions are the reason why some players are left with life time head trauma or even die. Will Benson is a perfect example, a high school quarterback in Austin, Texas who sustained a severe head injury in a helmet-to-helmet collision with another player during a football game. Two weeks…

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