High School Football Can Be Overcome Through Personal Commitment, Parental Support, And A Reinforced Coach Player Relationship

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6.5 percent of high school football players make it to the college level, how far can you go when you put all effort into a sport (NCAA Research 1-3)? When working hard to achieve excellence you have to put all your intention and time into a commodity. Football is an arduous sport to excel in, because there is a lot of competition. While going through high school and college sports you are going to understand that you have to live in the weight room. The problem of weakened work ethic in football can be overcome through personal commitment, parental support, and a reinforced coach-player relationship.
What does it take to achieve your maximum athletic ability? What can help you achieve that goal? The problem with young athletes nowadays are that they are very lazy and don’t commit themselves to anything. You have to dedicate yourself to the game of football, you have to learn and live the game. You can’t just walk on the field and be perfect, when playing football there are two things you need to do to make yourself better. The first thing you need to do is dedicate yourself to the weight room. You need to make the weight room you second home because you always have to make yourself bigger and stronger than everyone else. The second thing you need to do is build your parent-player relationship. You should talk to your parents about not yelling at games or yelling at you after a bad game. You should ask them to keep it to themselves and to tell you the good things you did…

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