Essay on High School Experience Is Very Different From College Life

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High school experience is very different from college life. It 's like stepping into two completely different worlds however they both focus on improving our skills. Every student requires different soft skills in a field but, as a psychology major, the skills I need to work on are teamwork, communication and leadership skills. The teaching styles of a high school teacher and a college professor is very divergent and tend to develop in different directions. A high school teacher will have more hands on activity and more writing rather than some college professors, who are more defined as narrative objects and students are described as listening objects according to Freire.
Teamwork is an essential key in any form of field or education. Teamwork leads to communication which can help me understand and or acknowledge any kind of situation better and can also help me perform better. Any plan to perform surgery or a group project without teamwork is incomplete. Teamwork can help build trust and foster creativity and learning. In highschool, I experienced a lot of hands on activity which involved teamwork whereas, In college teamwork is not required since students are more into note-taking and listening to lectures. According to Paul Wiseman, Firms are seeking grads who can think fast and work in teams better. They are seeking for employees who write and speak with clarity, adapt quickly to changes in technology and business conditions and can interact with colleagues from…

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