High School English Class Is Just Filled With Reading Assignment, Quizzes, And Writing

1202 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
High School English class was just filled with reading assignment, quizzes, and essays. During English 1101 I learned more than just how to write an essay and about the plot of a story. I learned about how culture, communication, writing style, and the way we look at visual information has changed. I have learned how to interpret this changing world of media and culture through uses of multimodal methods during this course. Along the way I developed my knowledge and ability to communicate in written methods, oral methods, visual methods, electronic methods, and in non-verbal methods. I learned how to read Visual text and I learned how to record and upload a video to YouTube. I became more familiar with using google docs to communicate and work with my group. I learned how to edit an image using Skitch. I learned how to create an infographic and how to print it at the multimedia studio. I learned how to rip movie files and compose them in IMovie. A lot of new and useful things became a part of my knowledge after this semester, and helped me develop as a person while giving me the tools I need in order to communicate.
Before English 1101 I struggled with using good supplemental information and resources in my essays and projects but I feel that I really developed this skill in my writing assignments. I learned how to develop my content farther while writing then I had been able to before. I did a close analysis of the painting room in a tempest by Mimmo Paladino from the High…

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