Personal Statement: A Career In The Classroom

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There are people who will tell you that teaching has been their dream since a very young age. Others will tell you an anecdote of how they uncovered their love of teaching through helping a younger sibling or a classmate. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. I was the student who was constantly changing what course of study they wanted to pursue in college and what their resulting career would be. I went from wanting to be in the animal husbandry industry to wanting to be a large animal veterinarian. At one point in my life, I decided I wanted to be an opera singer. It wasn’t until late my senior year that I had a strong desire to become an educator.
At this point in my life, I look back and marvel at how many careers I had “decided”
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It was during my United States History class that I finally realized what path I should follow. With my love for history and enthusiasm for helping the other students, it was clear that I should be a high school history teacher! I felt as if I had found what I was meant to do.
It was not until my junior year in high school that I realized teaching high school was a poor fit for me. I wanted to teach, but I did not want to deal with high school students after finally graduating from high school. I knew there were amazing students in high school, but the majority of my graduating class consisted of rude and horribly mean young adults. I did not feel like I could make a difference by teaching high school. Finally figuring out that I did not want to teach teenagers was what pushed me to realizing I wanted to teach elementary
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Without the dedicated and relentless work of the teachers at the special education institutions I attended, I would not have been able to transition into public school and I most certainly would not have been able to go to college. Though those teachers had an immense amount of influence on my life, they were not the ones who inspired me. Mister Justin Jones, my literature and creative writing teacher from tenth grade to twelfth grade, was the one who truly inspired me to pursue my desire. He was an amazing man and an astounding teacher. He encouraged his students to speak out, push themselves to the next level in their academics, and to connect with peers and teachers. I know the he helped me to develop into an open-minded young adult. After announcing my love of working with kindergarteners, my peers and other teachers chose to mock my zeal for teaching kindergarten. Mr. Jones supported my decision and was happy that I had found my true

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