High School Education Is The Most Important Step For Educating The Young Generation

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Post high school education is the most important step for educating the young generation to be a part of tomorrow’s workforce of the society. Earning any diploma or certificate and graduating from college or university is important. If you want a better job and future, you need have a better education which will also help you to survive in bad times and for the chance to grow in your field. Therefore, it is important to study the absenteeism in any college. The term absenteeism refers when a student is absent when he is required to be attending college. “Absenteeism can be defined as persistent, habitual, and unexplained absence from school” (Brooks, 1997, as cited in Bond, 2004). Attending class plays an important role in youths’ success.
“The fault behind student absenteeism has been placed in many areas such as individual delinquency, poor parenting, deviant peer influence, problematic school environments, school maladjustment, teacher and administrator attitude, disciplinary techniques, emotional states, work patterns, family conflict, financial resources, availability of jobs of motivation, and lower intelligence” (Rajput, n.d., 2013). This essay explores the source of non-attendance from both students and professors point of view, to gain a good understanding of the environment and the formation of absenteeism on college campuses. Absenteeism becomes extensively challenging when it becomes persistent and monotonous. Chronic truancy is a powerful forecaster of…

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