High School Education And Academic Standards Essay examples

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Academic Standards in Colorado Colorado is well known for being the first state to legalize marijuana. It is a hot topic around the United States, however, Colorado was also one of only six states asked to inform the Federal Government on the process of developing new standards in-line with Common Core, another frequently debated issue (Colorado Department of Education, 2016). Academic changes over the last several years have led Colorado to develop strong state standards, which prepare pupils for college, the workforce, or wherever life takes them.
Common Core in Colorado
Common Core has become the heart and soul of Colorado’s educational system. In 2008, the

state enacted Colorado’s Achievement Plan for Kids. This Senate Bill 08-212, required sweeping

changes for preschool through high school education. Over the next year, hundreds of people

worked to revise Colorado’s standards in ten content areas: physical education and health,

music, drama and theatre arts, dance, math, English language arts, science, social studies, visual

arts, and world languages. The new standards for English language arts and math were then

compared to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS were found to be stricter

and were therefore adopted in 2010. The new standards for Colorado are as follows:

The Colorado Academic Standards emphasize what students need to be postsecondary and workforce ready.
• _Articulated grade level expectations express the concepts and…

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