High School Dropouts: Causes And Negative Effects On People's Life

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High school dropouts are becoming more and more common each day. There are many reasons for why students in high school drop out. High school dropouts are mainly caused by upbringing and attitude, which has a negative effect on people’s lives. Some effects may be very crucial to your life and can be very important to how you live. Also, some people are more likely to drop out than others. It mostly depends on how you were raised up in your family and what you were taught while you were young. There are some things schools do to prevent high school dropouts from happening. There are also things the students can do to make it less likely for themselves to drop out. Some reasons for dropping out of high school are school related. Some …show more content…
One thing that can prevent students from dropping out of high school is engage and partner with parents. (Roberta Furger. 2008.) If parents seem more engaged to helping their child learn and help them, then students would feel the need to work hard because they know they have help. They feel that their parents care about their grade. Another thing that can help prevent dropouts is teachers can develop relationships with students. (Roberta Furger. 2008.) If students feel like they can trust their teacher or that their teacher cares about them on a personal level, the student may feel that they can tell a teacher anything and will be more willing to participate in school. Also, to make learning more interesting for the student, make learning relevant. (Roberta Furger. 2008.) If the classes are interesting to students, they will be more intrigued by the subject and more eager to learn. If you increase the rigor of a class, it can help prevent high school dropouts because it makes the students more prepared for the standardized tests that they must take. (Roberta Furger. 2008.) This will make it easier for students to pass the test and also pass the class causing them to feel like they achieved success. If they feel optimistic about their grades and passing a class, then they will not feel the need to drop out of school. Another thing that may help students with wanting to stay in school is if we rethink the schedule. (Roberta Furger. 2008.) Some students work jobs on top of going to school. They have a work schedule while also having a school schedule. That sometimes can make working or going to school challenging which may cause some students to feel the need to drop out. They feel that their job is more important than going to school. Another thing that can be done is the teacher or parent can watch for warning signs of a student who is not doing well and is tempted to

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