Essay about High School Dropout And Retention Rates

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Issue A month before his high school graduation, a student comes home with the bad news of not being able to receive his diploma. You would think that it’s because of his grades or attendance at school. The real issue was that he did not pass one of his standardized tests. These tests are also known as “high stakes” because they determine whether or not the student is eligible for a diploma or a promotion to the next grade. How would you feel if you knew that taking tests is one of your child’s weaknesses, and now it determines his future? Do you think that it’s fair to the students; who are already low achievers, English is their second language, or have learning disabilities? These tests lead to an increase in high school dropout and retention rates because they are set at a certain standard or level for students to reach. High school students should not be required to take standardized tests to graduate because they increase the high school dropout and retention rates, and create additional stress on educators and students.
High School Dropout Rates These standardized tests are required to passed in order for high school students to graduate. Some students who are low achievers already feel as if they‘re not going to pass. These tests only make it harder for them to believe in themselves. Once students fail these tests, some are given an option to retake, others just simply give up and drop out. “One concern frequently raised about the use of high-stakes in public…

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