High School Day At The American Public School Essays

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The average high school day at the American public school is 6 hours long, there is roughly an hour for each class. While an hour seems to be an adequate amount of time for each lesson it does not account for interruptions, delays, or announcements made in each class. If these delays were counted, then a class would only be 36 minutes averagely; this is not enough time to teach a new lesson and have students understand it fully. The school day should be extended so that a class can have a longer class period. Extending the school day may not be favored by students and some parents, but it will help students in the future and make parents more aware of the importance of an education that will have a lasting impression. This will not only help students understand subjects better, but also improve grades, and test scores.
School days in the United States usually went from 8 am to 2 pm, a 6 hour school day. While countries such as China, France and Russia, have school days that start at 8 am and ends at 4 pm (Hughes). That means that these countries have an additional 2 hours of school to complete in class work. This would not only help students complete homework in class but also help teachers finish their lessons with time to answer questions fully;not in a rush. If students had enough time to complete assignments then they would not have to work at home or have to stay up till 3 am in the morning to complete work.At Shadow Mountain High School there is a six hour school day;…

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