High School Curriculum And Its Impact On Education Essay

771 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Every institution, especially educational institutions have innumerable changes that could be made at any given point due to the advancement of society - in a broad sense. RHS has tried to balance traditional and modern aspects associated with education, which has only led to larger problems. The administration continues to expand the high school curriculum to accommodate various types of students, causing a separation amongst students. This separation stimulates limited diversity within classes, increased academic competitiveness, and a lack of a truly well-rounded educational environment. In order to negate the destructiveness of this Ridgewood High School must add a designated advisory/homeroom period, placed first period or last period of the day. As more classes are added onto the course catalog, students further gravitate towards one specific area of interest. Although this is meant to allow students to develop their interests and have access to a wide to a myriad of subjects, most students stick to a subject they have prior knowledge and interest. Meaning, the extensive amount of classes only benefits those who are already interested in the class. Therefore, the students in certain classes remain the same throughout the year. Since these classes are only available during certain periods, it also determines the rest of the student’s schedule, leading to the same students in the majority of the classes. This prohibits students from experiencing a learning environment…

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