High School College Is The Affordability For Its Students Essay

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As we grow up and start to make the transition from high school to college, we all have that assimilation that State Universities hold a much more desirable and more educational values than your local Community College. Wrong! Community Colleges have a great deal of benefits for new incoming college students fresh out of high school. Granted state universities have great educational backgrounds, but a community college can provide those benefits plus more. A State University may have the flashy lifestyle but a Community College is more preferable to students because its more affordable, has a smaller class sizes, and allows you to map and plan out your future.
A great benefit to attending a community college is the affordability for its students. Many students that want to enroll in a State university will soon realize that it requires a surplus amount of money, in which a lot of kids can’t afford what so ever. Community college gives the opportunity to students who don’t have the luxury of paying for a state university, the capability of achieving a college education. When you attend a State university you’ll have to take out a lot of loans, which can pile up and cause a great deal of stress that most kids in college can’t handle. With the luxury of community college the tuition is drastically cheaper than a state university, and allows for students to focus on their classwork without the stress of thousands of dollars of student loans on their minds.
When attending…

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