Essay on High School, By Jonathan Kozol

1207 Words Sep 21st, 2015 null Page
Getting back to school after a couple years off is so exciting. Dallas is much hotter this summer. That makes the idea going to school even hotter than ever. I love my school now, Collin College, where the students are friendly and the instructors are caring and helpful. Choosing the right school makes four years in college seem easier. I had a reading task in my writing class last week about Fremont High School by Jonathan Kozol, a famous writer, activist and educator and is well-known for his work in social justice and public education. After reading his report, I recalled so much memories and experiences I had in my high school ten years ago in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I had attended An Lac High School since I was in sixth grade, and I had been studying there until the day I graduated high school. It is one of the most famous schools among hundreds of schools in the county where lots of the students want to get into. It has good location where locates at the main street of the city, and An Lac is famous for its well-educated instructors and years of experiences professors. However, there is still something that the school needs to improve and reform so that it could become better. Adapting the new methods of teaching or giving the students more flexibility of learning what they love are some of the changes the Principle should have thoughts about because pursuing these innovations can make a big difference for the education system. Reading Mr. Kozol’s report…

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