Essay on High School & Beyond Plan

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High School & Beyond Plan
What career is most interesting to you? Give reasons for this and why you choose this career cluster.
Chemical Engineering is the career that has interested me the most because it has to do with math and science. Math and science are the classes I’m most good at and understand what it’s taught. Chemical Engineering is awesome because you can make thing that we use better or/and make new things that makes life better. I what to learn of chemical engineering because I like to experiment with things and take them apart and putting them back to its starting component. This type of engineering can also be used in our environment by making new type of fertilizer that doesn’t contaminate our resources. I’m all for making the environment better for everything and chemical engineering is going to be my career that is going to make this happen. Also why I’m choose this career it to make a fuel that is pollution free and can make hyperspace travel faster.
What postsecondary education or training will you need to pursue this career?
The training I will need to do is a lot of math and science classes to achieve this career that I’m working for. In University of Washington, chemical engineering is one of the most competitive career courses. This career is not offered in lot of places and it is very hard to get in. There are only five places in all of Washington that offer chemical engineering. The types of science I will have to have are chemistry and labs,…

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