High School At The Age Of Fourteen Essay example

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For example, I developed severe anxiety and depression at the age of fourteen. If I were to dropped out of school at that time I am unsure of whether I would have found the motivation to earn my GED, much less continue onto a higher education. Another example, which happened often for my classmates in high school, would be the effects of becoming pregnant while still in school. Even during my short two and a half years at Radford University, I have experienced classmates becoming pregnant and not returning to school after giving birth. I think if I were to have gotten pregnant in high school, it would have ended similarly to if I had dropped out of school at the age of fourteen. In my opinion, any amount of time of stopping my schooling would have led to me losing all of my motivation. Today I consider myself to be a driven student and that makes me reconsider what I would do if I became pregnant while in school. The drive I have, I hope, would encourage and push me to staying in school, especially with the future expenses bringing a child into today’s society will cost me. Lastly, along with finances being necessary in the future of having a family, is stability, and being an almost twenty- one year old college junior, the lack of stability is high right now. And in the end, I do not think I would be able to take on the responsibility of a family and this point, therefore, I hope to survive my next couple years of college dealing with the typical struggles of a…

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