High School At The Age Of Fourteen Essay example

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Imagine being in high school at the age of sixteen. You have the choice of dropping out of high school legally at this age. Would you drop out of high school at this age? The drop-out rates in the United States is a well-known problem when it comes to teens. In the society, high school students, at age sixteen, are legally allowed to dropout. However, a few people argue that the age sixteen is too young for a student to dropout and dropping their education altogether. In this situation, everyone has their individual opinion on this topic. People believe it’s the parent’s and the child’s decision when the child stops attending school and stops with their education. Sixteen should not be the legal age to dropout. The legal age to dropout should be risen to the age of eighteen across the United States. Even though students are not all the same, they should attend school still because they can change their mind still attend college, have a better opportunity with jobs, having a better paycheck, and having more opportunities in life. Raising the dropout rate to the age of eighteen, students could get their GED or decide to continue to some type of college. In order to succeed in this world, teens must finish their senior of high school and graduate high school. Public education in the United States is a free education system that the U.S. offers that other countries do not even consider. The teenagers and parents should be grateful, appreciative, and take advantage of this…

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