Essay about High School As A Student Representative

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My experiences in High School as a Student Representative, at community college furthering my education, and in the office of my local State Representative have all been integral in my decision to apply to Temple University. I have gained experience working in my school, community, and state. The skills I have obtained have shaped my life going forward in a positive and meaningful manner.
The first experience that had a profound impact on my personal development was my position as Student Representative to the School Board during my senior year of high school. I had always taken an interest in leadership and found out that the Student Representative reported to School Board meetings and reported on events at the High School. At the time, I was an average-at-best student. After attending four different schools in four different years, I suffered from severe gaps in curriculum and had an issue with depression and anxiety. Both of these went unaddressed until my sophomore year in high school. Despite returning to a healthy and capable state, I was three or more years behind in areas such as math and lacked fundamental study skills. As I moved into my junior year, I quickly realized the amount of work I would need to catch up academically. I wanted to find a way I could contribute to the community, and build other skills while making my High School experience meaningful despite having poor grades.
Through my time as Student Representative, I became a leader in the school…

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